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Kingfishing Secrets

Dave Workman Jr. invites you to watch his ‘Kingfishing Secrets’ video

“Dave Workman’s Kingfishing Secrets” is a ‘blast-from-the-past’. In the video, Dave Workman shares his timeless expertise around Kingfishing, which earned him back-to-back championships in the prestigious Southern Kingfish Association tournament circuit.

In the video (featured below), Dave details various tips and tactics that he still uses to this day, along with easy-to-follow how-to demonstrations. Discover the best gear to nab that next whopper, all of which can still be found at our store. Check out the entire video below, and stop by our store to find the best gear for this and any occasion.

David Workman and George Poveromo did a great job putting together this show. Here are a few things covered in the video.

Learn how to:

  • Locate King Mackerel
  • Read and follow the birds
  • Target Big Kings
  • Fish Inlets and Tide Lines
  • Capitalize on Bait Pods and Structure
  • Use Tides and Water Temperature to Your Advantage
  • Organize Deadly Live-Bait Trolling Spreads
  • Establish Productive Trolling Patterns
  • Use Downriggers
  • Create No-Nonsense Live-Bait Rigs
  • Choose the Proper Terminal Gear
  • Select and Rig Tackle
  • Locate and Catch Live Bait and MUCH more!

If you are looking for gear or advice for your next outing, please stop by the shop in Jacksonville or you can now shop online at our Kingfish-Zone Online Store, which offers hundreds of products curated specifically for Kingfishing.

We’re looking forward to this year’s Northeast Florida Kingfish Shootout, if you entered, good luck!

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