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Check out the new addition: Strike-Zone Fly Fishing

In this video, General Manager Capt. Andrew Mizell, Fly Tying Instructor Collin, and Casting Instructor Gavin explain the basis of everything fly fishing in North East Florida at the Strike-Zone Fly Shop.

Fly fishing may seem complicated, difficult or even scary, but there is no reason to be scared. Anyone can start fly fishing, you don’t need a boat or any fancy equipment to get started. All you need is a rod and reel set-up, a couple of flies, and some space. All forms of fishing take patience and practice to master.

Come See Us!

Our team can help you get started and prepped with the right gear and techniques to get you catching fish! We have whatever outdoor-related products or information you need. We offer fly casting instructions, classes, and social fly-tying nights. We carry high end outdoor equipment, materials, and supplies including rods, reels, clothing, kayaks, paddle boards, and custom tied flies; Crabs, Baitfish, Shrimp, Topwater’s, and Subsurface, for all species of fish both fresh and saltwater. Some brands we carry include: Huk, Simms, Sage, Bote, Yeti, Lamson Waterworks, G. Loomis, St. Croix, TFO, Scott, Nautilus, Tibor, Hatch, Marsh Wear. Come get everything you need to fly fish!

Diverse Fisheries

There are several diverse fisheries located in the North East Florida, it is one of the most versatile places for fly fishing, inshore, nearshore. and offshore, year-round. When most people think of fly fishing, they envision wading through a small creek or stream for small trout, yet some of the best fly fishing in the country is located right here in Jacksonville, Florida.

There are tons of backcountry waters in North East Florida. A good way to cover large amounts of water is blind casting, however this can spook fish easily. Yet, without visible or tailing fish sometimes blind casting is your only option. However, the ideal situation under pursuit of catching a fish is usually stalking or sight-casting for a fish that is visibly feeding.

Year-Round Seasons


In the coastal wetlands, there are flood tides among the salt marsh most often during summer and fall, but also throughout the year, that flood the mud and Spartina grass flats attracting tailing Redfish, Black Drum and Sheepshead. Tarpon and Jacks run off the beach and in the intracoastal waterways in the summer months and trailing into fall, as well as other active fish like Sea Trout and Flounder. As the temperature begins to cool off, fall tends to be when fishing is the greatest and fish are most active. Bait fish like mullet, typically in large schools, run down the Atlantic coast of Florida into jetties, intercostals, and creeks sending fish into feeding frenzies. During winter, Redfish tend to school up in shallower water in search of warmer water and food. 

Offshore, there are Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, Grouper and Snapper, which favor the warmer water in summer. Also, watch for Cobia migrating northwards as spring and summer approach.

crab fly

Especially during the warmer summer months, the migration patterns of several offshore fish are brought closer to shore due to a ubiquitous presence of creatures like crabs, squids, and anchovies, which are what many deep-sea fish feed on.

bait fish fly


Hold the salt… There’s also some great freshwater fly fishing in the Jacksonville areas. Known for some Bass, from the St. John’s River and surrounding lakes, Lake George, Ocklawaha River and Rodman’s Reservoir, to the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve there are ideal areas for fly fishing. The most common targeted species are typically Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Gar and Catfish.

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