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How To: Wind a Reel

One of the most annoying problems to run into while fishing is a tangled reel. Not only is a pain to deal with, but it stops you from getting your hook in the water and catching that dream fish.

So how do you stop this from occurring? At Strike-ZoneFishing, we use custom-built machines designed specifically for delivering a perfect wind. To accomplish this, these machines use a yard meter and pressure gauges to precisely measure how much line you have and how tight your line needs to be depending on what you are trying to catch.

We have 6 in-store machines, two of which are custom built. If you’re looking for the tightest wind out there, stop by our shop on Beach Blvd. From fishing to water sports to hunting, we have it here at Strike-Zone, so come say hello!

To learn more about how these machines work, check out our new How To video series on ‘Winding a Reel.’ (Video Above) You can alao stop by the shop in Jacksonville with questions for our team. Happy fishing!

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