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Florida Turkey Hunting

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The Easter Bunny isn’t the only animal showing up this spring. March officially starts off the Spring Turkey Season (for exact spring and fall dates, click here), and Florida is a fantastic state for finding both Eastern and Osceola birds in the wild. Whether you’re an archer or rifleman, there’s subtle characteristics of turkeys that will make them either easier, or harder, to hunt. As with any animal, there are learned techniques that will make for a better hunting experience.

In our premiere StrikeZone Video Podcast, our own hunting expert Rick Stinson sits down with local wild turkey-enthusiast Ed Lehmann to discuss the fundamentals of hunting turkey in Florida. They talk turkey, literally, as Ed demonstrates his favorite types of bird calls and how they work, Rick shows off special ammunition designed specifically for turkey hunting, and they share hunting experiences and what they’ve learned.

Topics discussed include:

  • Types of birds in Florida
  • Prep & Scouting Techniques
  • Bird / Turkey Calls
  • Shotgun Types & Characteristics
  • Ammunition – Patterning
  • Sights / Where to Aim
  • Types of Broadheads
  • Blinds & Decoys
  • Portable Rifle Steadiers
  • Vests & Seating
  • Post Hunting- Preserve & Prep
Rick Stinson, Hunting Department

During a FB Live-Stream, Rick went deeper into the products discussed in the podcast.

We invite you to our store if you’re interested in learning more or if you need to stock up on gear. Everything shown in this episode we carry in-store, including guns, ammunition, bow/arrows, and a variety of accessories including calls, clothing, decoys and more.

If you want to get more insight into the different bird types and where they can be found, or to learn more about season dates and bag limits, check out the links below:

Licenses & Education Requirements:

Turkey Seasons & Bag Limits:

Wild Turkeys Species & Additional Information:

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